Aurélie Giet (clarinet, vocals)
Floor Dankers (squeezebox, vocals)
Sabine Jaucot (fiddle, vocals)

The musicians of Voie3 only have one aim: to put their music at the service of the dancers and have you float over the dance floor to the warm, energetic sounds of fiddle (Sabine JAUCOT), diatonic accordion (Floor DANKERS) and clarinet (Aurélie GIET). For a change of ambiance, several sung dances provide a more intimate atmosphere. The group proposes dance music with a vision: guaranteeing your dance comfort by respecting the different characters of the various dances as well as possible, is their number one priority and Voie3 is strongly rooted in the traditional music from especially Belgium and France. The repertoire is completed with more recent compositions.

Voie3 has its home in the Belgian province of Brabant and regularly flavours its standard folk-ball repertoire (scottish, waltz, polka, mazurka, gigue, etc.) with some traditional Walloon dances that are swiftly and skilfully explained on the spot by Sabine so that each and everybody may participate. So let yourself be tempted by the Menuet de la Chaîne, the Ballotine or the Anglaise!

Since its foundation in spring 2006, the group has performed during numerous balls and  workshops, some of which during one of France’s biggest dance festivals, the Grand bal de l’Europe, in Gennetines, in 2006 and 2007. Individually, the band members are far from strangers to the folk scene. Sabine has a long experience in playing for dancers as a member of the group Moïraï and even studied the Walloon traditional music at an academic level. Floor has played many a ball since her repertoire consisted of barely two tunes – a number that has drastically multiplied since – both solo and in casual bands. Since summer 2007 she is half of the duo Sylvain LHOTTE & Floor DANKERS. Aurélie has been a member of the Walloon dance group Foû d’vos Sokètes for many years and was equally part of several chamber music ensembles. She is currently working on a new musical project with some very experience folk musicians. All three girls also teach.

The name Voie3 refers to the many hours the group’s members spent in trains: to rehearse, to work and to study; to platform 3, where the train from Brussels arrives in Ottignies and from which the trains from Nijmegen (Floor was still living in the Netherlands during the first months of the trio’s existence) leave for the Belgian border; to three voices and to three musical paths that joined, melted and distinguish themselves.

Voie3 is available for balls, Walloon dance workshops and bal folk dance courses (explanation by Sabine and Aurélie with musical accompaniment by Floor). Floor is also at your service for diatonic accordion workshops.